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Active investors all have some basket of core investing ideas. It may be in stocks, bonds, ETFs or all of the above. Identifying those investing ideas is tough enough. There’s also an entire branch of behavioral psychology dedicated to the common mistakes most investors make risk managing those positions, like selling winners too soon or hanging onto losers too long.

We’re all human. Left unchecked, emotions dictate our investment decision-making.

Don’t do that!

There’s a better way. Our research team employs quantitative models specifically designed to interpret financial markets and help tame raw emotion. With Real-Time Alerts you get buy, sell and cover stock and ETF signals that are hand-picked by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough from among our 40+ person equity research team’s best ideas.

 Keith employs his proprietary and quantitative risk range model to identify the juiciest best ideas among the bunch.

How It Works

What You Get With Real-Time Alerts

You'll receive Keith's latest signals—buy, sell, short or cover—nearly every trading day.

  • We email you all of Keith’s signals and simultaneously post them on our website.
  • Each signal is tagged with duration recommendations (Trade, Trend, Tail) to help you navigate a security’s risk profile over multiple durations.
  • We also feature RTA LIVE – a private online video broadcast where Keith offers detailed insight into why he’s making the calls he’s making and answers questions during live Q&A.

*Remember, RTA is not a portfolio—it is a risk management signaling and timing tool.

The primary goal of Real-Time Alerts is to give you quantitative-driven, high octane long, short and cover signals on stocks and ETFs that are also curated from among the ideas of some of the best fundamental research analysts in the business.

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About Hedgeye

Hedgeye Risk Management is an independent investment research and online financial media company. Focused exclusively on generating and delivering thoughtful investment ideas in a proven buy-side process, the firm combines quantitative, bottom-up and macro analysis with an emphasis on timing. The Hedgeye team features some of the most highly-regarded research analysts on Wall Street, all with buy-side experience, covering Macro, Financials, Energy, Healthcare, Retail, Gaming, Lodging & Leisure (GLL), Restaurants, Industrials, Consumer Staples, Internet & Media, Housing, Materials, Technology, Demography and Washington policy analysis, including Macro, Energy, Healthcare, Telecom & Media and Defense.

Real-Time Alerts is based on a risk management signaling process Keith developed during his years as a hedge fund manager and continues to refine.

Keith’s Risk Range model uses three core inputs – price, volume and volatility – to determine the likely daily trading range for any publically-traded asset class. The fundamental idea is you sell at the top end of the range and buy at the low end.

Keith’s quantitative model is also multi-duration meaning it dynamically adjusts to suggest critical thresholds – over our TREND and TAIL durations – after which, upon breaching these levels, an asset flips from bullish to bearish or vice versa.
  • TRADE = 3 weeks or less
  • TREND = 3 months or more
  • TAIL = 3 years or less

The final piece of the puzzle is how Keith identifies each specific research idea.

We employ a research team of more than 40+ research analysts, from our top-down Macro team to the bottom-up equity Sector teams (from Retail to Energy). Each team produces a menu of best ideas from which Keith selects and plugs into his quantitative risk range model.

From there it’s simple. Keith sends signals long or short signals on the stocks, bonds or ETFs with the best set-up. CLICK HERE to read our entire “Macro Playbook.”

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to email our Customer Service Director Matt Moran. He can be reached directly at  

We look forward to working together!

- Hedgeye